Two days training Harvard Negotiation

Anisha Sukul

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flyer training Harvard Negotiation

Why should you take part in this training?

  • This training will introduce you in the science and practice of Harvard negotiation on different social levels (international, business and personal).
  • You will learn how to reach sustainable solutions in negotiations, how to improve your relationship with your negotiation partners and you will expand your negotiation skills.

The goal of this 2 days training is to make you a better and more effective negotiator and being able to reach sustainable solutions! This intensive and interactive training will provide you the insights according to the Harvard negotiation-principles, also called the Mutual Gains Approach.

• You obtain an overview (insights) in different negotiation styles;
• You expand your personal negotiation skills;
• You will learn how to respond to (certain) conflict situations with your negotiating partners;
• You will learn to think in interests instead of in positions;
• You know how to reach sustainable solutions in negotiations;
• You have learned how to reach consensus instead of a compromise;
• You will be a more effective negotiator for your organisation/company


  • Overview of different negotiation styles. You will find out what type of negotiator you are (and will be able to become)
  • The principles of Harvard Negotiation (MGA)
  • The process steps of Harvard Negotiation
  • Practise your skills in a simulation. You will analyse and improve your own negotiation skills during a simulation
  • How to make a negotiation plan/ strategies
  • BATNA, the best alternative to a negotiated agreement
  • Skills and techniques how to find the interests of the other party or parties
  • How to find solutions with mutual benefits?
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Dealing with cultural differences

Target Group

Directors, staff members, managers, Board and Supervisory Board Members, Legal Advisors, Collective Agreement Negotiators and Human Resources Executives.

This two day intensive training is offered by Interpoint Caribbean in collaboration with Personnel Services Aruba. Participants will receive a  certificate of participation and qualified professionals will receive  points.

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