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Project Management

Within companies and institutions there are project groups and project organizations regarding a wide variety of organizational and management problems: such as strategy, governance, investment decisions, ICT, HRM, quality, customer focus and organizational culture. Everything that falls outside the existing routines becomes a project. These are carried out by project teams with input from different departments. But what does this mean in concrete terms? How do you organize a project team and what does project-based work actually mean? How do you structure the project?

Our trainings provide a solid foundation if you have the role of a project manager, project manager or program manager. You will learn to manage projects successfully and participate constructively in projects.

Training calendar

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Solution-oriented and practical

Learn the rules and procedures to bring each project to a successful conclusion. This allows you to apply the right techniques and methods while optimally collaborating and communicating with team members, clients and other stakeholders.

Benefits project management training

  • You can lead a project kunt een project or function better in another project role;
  • You can analyse and deal with force fields around your project;
  • You can communicate better and more convincingly with your colleagues, clients and other stakeholders in a project.

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