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Human Resources & Skills

Attention for people and results

Healthy organizations flourish under good leadership and an excellent HR policy which finds the best balance between on the one hand the welfare and development of people and on the other hand the performance and strategic objectives of your organization.

The HR function as an added value

Changes within your organization can have a major impact on your employees. INTERPOINT helps you to minimize the effects effectively as a result of an inability or an unwillingness to change. We adapt your business strategy and HR to suit each other better. This means that HR has an added value for your organization and will help you achieve your business goals even more effectively.

Personal development, commercial returns

Employees’ personal development, communication and social skills are important for the development of your organization. Well trained staff work more efficiently and ensure that you get a higher commercial return. INTERPOINT offers subject specific training, coaching and courses to improve the (soft) skills of your employees within any job or line of work, in large organizations as well as smaller companies.

Training calendar

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  • Behavioral change management
  • Organization design and optimizing the HR policy
  • Development of talent and personal skills
  • Optimizing the capacities of employees (workforce management)

What are soft skills?

There is no difference between a subject specific training and additional training aimed at working together, social skills, communication and the ‘softer skills’. All these aspects are important for the growth of your organization.

INTERPOINT trains soft skills, such as:

  • Self-reflection: insights into your own characteristics, qualities and weaknesses
  • Communication and social skills: learn to express yourself, listen and communicate well
  • Attitude: with your peers, customer service, focusing on others, working together, giving constructive criticism and being independent.

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