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Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

GRC or Governance, Risk Management and Compliance is an abbreviation that is increasingly used in Risk, Finance, Compliance and audit departments (internal and external management). GRC is a factor that has become important among decision makers within organizations that have to make choices in the implementation of their strategy. In particular, the consideration between the risk profile that the organization is pursuing and the pricing of these risks in the products, is becoming increasingly important.

Risk & Compliance is one of the focus areas of financial institutions.
Financial risks have probably never been more acute. Capital reserves, loan portfolios, investment policies and capital and debt profiles constantly require adequate management and mitigation of risks. Companies should also be alert about the risks posed by suppliers. A counterparty who defaults on a contract, or whose company collapses, may have serious financial and reputational consequences for related parties.

Within the Risk & Compliance focus area, our Project coaches will join you in projects such as Integrated Risk Management, Financial Risk, Asset Liability Management (ALM) and Operational Risk Management. We support you with projects in the field of Vendor Management and the fight against financial crime: Anti-money Laundering (AML), Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) and KYC (know your customer).

Business Control projects often involve projects related to Governance, Monitoring of Reporting. For projects in the Focus Area Business Implementation, you can think of things like Performance, Process & Data Management. In many cases, this is about a project around the implementation of an IT application within a business process.

Interpoint (together with renowned partners) has been active for years in the fields of Governance, Risk and Compliance. We can support your organization, but also in certain cases take care of the compliance task of your organization. In addition, Interpoint has been organizing compliance training sessions for many years.

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Solution-oriented and practical

Our trainings are suitable for a wide range of professionals responsible for the success of the organization. Such as:

  • Members of the operational management team
  • Professionals who influence operational or strategic decisions
  • Consultants who advise on operations or strategy
  • Managers/professionals responsible for risk management such as a financial manager, quality manager, auditor or controller.

Benefits Governance, Risk & Compliance Training

  • You know what integrity and transparency means;
  • You know what relevant public values and (conflicting) loyalties mean and how they can influence in practice;
  • You can identify integrity risks within your organization and know how to deal with them;
  • You will gain insight into the concepts of risk, risk management and management measures;
  • You will learn the most important steps in the risk management process;
  • You know how to translate uncertainties into effective policies for your organization

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