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Online training in professional conversations

The idea behind online simulations is that communication skills are improved by focusing on immersive learning. Our online communication 'flight simulator' offers organizations the opportunity to give professionals and students insight into their task and role and to train in important skills. Our virtual actors provide insight into one’s strong points and learning goals through feedback and scores. This creates management information for follow-up training and coaching. Practice can be anywhere, anytime and as often as you like.

What is the advantage of online training with a virtual training actor?

Existing communication training gives professionals insight into the conversation and the conversation techniques. You will experience how your approach comes across to your interlocutor and whether it is effective. Which is of course very valuable and useful.

But many people experience role-playing as particularly exciting. Part of their attention is lost to 'survival' in front of the group, which means stress. And stress comes at the expense of overview, while getting an overview in the conversation is important. Moreover, it is difficult to play a role if you do not yet know how such a conversation works. And not everyone gets to practice: certainly not in a training session with a larger group.

In our conversation simulations with virtual training actors, you practice in a safe environment, and you can experiment with a new approach without people watching you. This also gives you more overview of the conversation and can start to see the right approach. By seeing the effect of choices, you develop insight into the dynamics of the conversation and what you can achieve if you do it right. Experience what to expect in a conversation situation with virtual training actors. And gain insight into the best approach with scores and feedback.

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