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How does the Interpoint Online learning method work?

With us you can do your lessons for film courses or courses on film instead of in the classroom via your digital textbook in our E-learning environment!

The digital manual serves as a guide. Here you can read the teaching material from your screen. From this digital textbook, you click on the film that is included with each topic that needs explanation.

Then you will have questions in your digital textbook, which you can make to see if you have understood the material. If you are done with that, you can immediately view the answers!

It is also possible to take an exam for the course and to obtain a certificate.

Participants in Suriname can also pay in SRD!

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Learning environment

As soon as the payment is completed, you will have access to the learning environment.

  • You read the book and take lessons through the instruction video’s

  • studying at your own pace and when it suits you

  • you learn the lessons, answer the questions and make assignments (digital teaching material) and check the answers

Online Exam

For some courses you can do an online exam. You sign up for the exam to obtain a diploma or certificate (if you want to).

  • The teaching material shows exactly how to do this.

  • Our teaching materials have been developed especially for these courses and written entirely to the exam requirements; an optimal chance of success!

You have a valuable certificate or diploma and are up to the job market again.

Get MORE out of yourself and INCREASE your chances!