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From insight to inspiring perspective!

The online assessment provides insight into the personality and motivations of yourself, your colleagues, your teams and your organization. The outcome of the assessment helps you and your team to achieve your goals in the right environment, with the people you specifically need.

The assessment consists of measurements that have an interesting correlation with each other and provide a lot of information on how to grow in effective collaboration. After completing, the participant immediately receives insight into his/her personality traits & motivations, which are expressed in a scientifically validated way in a report, in understandable pragmatic language.

Why can an assessment be useful?

An assessment can make sense for adequate recruitment and selection. As an employer, you can see whether someone is fit for a job based on validated tests. It offers the opportunity to gain a better and more objective insight into one's motives and personality. It also gives insight into the one's strong points, which is the foundation of a person's performance in the work environment. Also, it shows points of attention that could make a match with the function riskier.

An assessment can also help your employee's career development. What are the strengths and weaknesses? What else does one need to work on, and what talents can one use in his or her career? What are the interests and which job would fit best? In this way, insight is obtained into the talent within an organization and employees are better supervised in their careers.

Finally, an assessment can also help for overall personal development and team development. By understanding yourself, you will understand even better why conversations, meetings, discussions, negotiations, sales talks, management meetings do not go as you expected. The reality is more unruly than your expectations. If you also gain insight into the other person, then there will be understanding and possible acceptance of each other's motivations and behaviours. The success of working together is born and interesting prospects arise where we grow as a human being, team and organization. This way, personal development goes hand in hand with organizational development.


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