Online Academy

Your own online learning platform

Your employees can follow online training through your own Online Academy.
The Online Academy is the online learning platform for organizations. On your Online Academy, your employees can take unlimited online courses and training. This ensures better performance, more job satisfaction and greater loyalty to you as an employer.


  • Wide range of courses and training
  • High quality courses from recognized trainers
  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • Development of your own courses/learning journeys
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How does it work?

The Online Academy is available in your own online learning platform, with the look & feel of your organization. The employees can choose from a large number of online courses and training from recognized trainers, with various expertise. Courses can also be completed with an online exam by an independent recognized Dutch exam institute.

As a result, training your employees is no longer depending on a certain time and place. Our courses are regularly expanded so your employees can develop for life.

Extra Options

We can also expand your Online Academy. Think of:

  • Industry specific courses;
  • A custom made learning journey or curriculum with specific knowledge of your organization;
  • An onboarding program for new employees;
  • Online assessments;
  • Simulation programs for developing softs skills.

In addition to their core activities, many organizations are also trainers, even though they do not always see it that way. We give you the tools to capture the knowledge that is present and to share it online in your organization.

Training themes

We do it together

Once you choose your own Online Academy you will be paired with our implementation coach. We will help to implement, launch and activate your online learning environment. Experience the user-friendliness of our Online Academy in an online demonstration.


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