In-House Training

Adding value through customization

Besides general training and courses, INTERPOINT also develops In House training which is completely customized to your specific (business) needs. These programs are created, to the last detail, with the skills and knowledge of your employees and the aims of your organization in mind. By doing this INTERPOINT focuses as efficiently as possible on what your employees and organization needs to develop further.

  • Short workshops
  • Weekly courses
  • An extensive choice of flexible content options can be chosen and combined

Results straight away

Our customized In-House training courses combine an effective program and a very pragmatic approach. This means you can use case studies from real situations at your company as part of the training. This means that your employees learn straight away and this can be directly put into practice: an excellent investment in your employees for great results.

The advantages of In-House

  • Training at your chosen location and time, so no transport costs
  • Make use of your own case studies
  • Suited to your business goals
  • Excellent results
  • Higher productivity among the whole team on every level

Already experienced by

Our many satisfied clients

“We found INTERPOINT a very professional and reliable organization which worked very compassionately to create a training course suited to the local situation. INTERPOINT knows how to translate theory into practical and useful training, which our employees will be able to use in practice.”

Ana Maria Tromp, HRM Advisor, Water and Electricity company Aruba

Client Case Study

SETAR — Advice skills

SETAR is the biggest telecommunications company in Aruba and provides phone, internet and cell phone services on the island. As a result of increasing competition in the Aruban telecommunications market the company was searching for a way to train account managers to become better advisors.

Thanks to new technological developments, account managers need to improve their advisory skills and to better meet the differing and sometimes complex wishes of customers. This means the account managers can also adapt better to changes in the market. Above all, on a small island like Aruba there is strong sense of close lit communities in which everyone knows each other, which creates challenges as well as opportunities to create long lasting customer relations if good advice is given.

SETAR invests a lot in the development of its employees. Following conversations we had with the training coordinator and others involved, INTERPOINT put together an In-House training program customized to the needs of the group of account and sales managers. The aim was to help achieve the business goals quicker. During the training the account managers were made aware of the various roles they have as advisors in varying situations. This was done by using various case studies to show the various advice styles. These made it possible for them to experience and reflect upon the various advice styles and reflect on their current style as well. The participants were encouraged to develop a personal style of advice.

Thanks to the pragmatic approach of INTERPOINT’s advice skills training, which is aimed at application in real life situations, the account and sales managers at SETAR now advise their customers more effectively, clearer and more personally. This translates to better results for the business.

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