DSI Institutional Investment Advisor (ESMA) – available in English

Natascha Rampersad

Advised Study Duration

1 year

Equivalence Level

Higher education

Course Costs

USD 193

EUR 193

The course costs exclude exam fees and include the following:

  • Access to our online learning platform with instruction video’s
  • E-leanings tests

Course objectives

This e-learning will help you remain up to date on all subjects prescribed by the ESMA guidelines. The training is designed to meet the requirements set by DSI for the certification ‘Institutional Investment Advisor (ESMA)’.

Target audience:

  • Investment specialists with a DSI certification Institutional Investments Advisor
  • Other professionals that want to keep up with the developments in the field of investments


No specific prior education is required. Sufficient work experience in this area is useful.

Course contents

The e-learning consists of:

  • Baseline measurement to determine whether you can take the test immediately or whether it is best to study the theory first;
  • Theory;
  • Test per subject;
  • Evaluation.

During the year, subjects are added to the learning environment in phases, on average 2
topics per month.

The average study duration per subject is 20 minutes.

Diploma / Certificate

After successful completion of the course, the participant receives an accredited certificate.