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INTERPOINT is your development partner for courses and educational projects. Together with our knowledge partners we develop innovative educational training solutions for, or in co-operation with, governments and institutions. We always try to involve local educational partners, particularly paying attention to policy objectives and the societal impact.

• For training and educational projects
• Extensive network of knowledge partners, governments and instutitions
• Attentive to local interests and societal effects

Experience and partnership

We have years of experience in providing training and courses which helps us to find the right form and content for every project.

We have a wide ranging inclusive approach, meaning all interested parties are involved at the right time in the project, whether this is a local government, education institution or international stakeholders.

Thanks to our deep understanding of the regional dynamics of the market we are able to create public-private partnerships which create the most benefits for all.

Client case

Technology City – Digital learning for the port and petrochemical industries

Technology City is a digital education (e-learning) platform which has been developed by Kenteq. The platform has already been providing educational resources for college courses for 10 years. These courses include various vocational levels in the fields of metal, electrical engineering and plant technology – all relevant courses for ports and refineries.

INTERPOINT was asked by our customers in the Caribbean port and petrochemical industries to find a way to train local young people quickly and effectively for various jobs in the industry. The knowledge portal that has been created, an expansion of Technology City, makes it possible for businesses and governments to train technical specialists locally, which has economic benefits for stakeholders and beneficial effects for local education and job opportunities.

“The knowledge platform for technology”, with a look & view of the refinery, is made up of a flexible online learning environment, designed to cater for individual learning programs. The online learning environment is full of lessons, animations, assignments and tests. With added functions such as e-mail, contact with experts and a dictionary it is possible to create an environment in which the students have all they need to focus and get learning.

The advantages of such a knowledge platform are:

  • Flexible teaching materials, as it is possible to add your own teaching materials and customize this for each student. You can also create an advice package, including teaching materials per qualification.
  • Fitting to any form of education: you can choose yourself what fits best with your school and student
  • Track the progress your student makes real-time and up to date
  • Taught in modules and can be customized for every customer and every project

It is possible to customize this learning environment for the port.

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