Recruitment & Interim Management


INTERPOINT deals with recruitment and secondments. By having a deep insight into the culture and processes within an organization we are able to help assess your aims, as well as those of your employees and your organization and help you to achieve these.

• Recruitment and headhunting
• Challenging vacancies
• Extensive network in the Caribbean, Suriname and The Netherlands
• Attentive to cultural compatibility

Pragmatic and focused on its aims

Our recruitment services focus on difficult to fill, specialized job vacancies. These can be temporary (interim) functions or long term work, in which it is difficult to find suitable local candidates for the job. Our candidates are recruited through a combination of selecting people in our database and headhunting in our wide network in the Caribbean, Suriname, the Netherlands and its communities in the Caribbean.
Having a feel for the culture is something we find important. Because we are experienced and have insights into the various cultures of the region, we are able to select the most suitable candidates for any function in any area. We especially try to find people who have a connection to the region, based on their personal background and/or work experience. Our extensive network of contacts within the Caribbean, Suriname, and the Netherlands provide us with access to a huge source of talent.

Interim Management

INTERPOINT knows the diversity of the region well and has feeling for the region’s work mentality. We help your organization to become agile and grow thanks to our motivated and experienced interim professionals.

• Selection and preparation
• Pragmatic mentality
• Synergy between interim and organization
• Restoring effectiveness and flexibility to your organization

The right professionals in the right place

Sometimes your organization needs someone with fresh ideas and it can be effective to hire a temporary manager to stop the ship from sinking.  As a recruitment agency, INTERPOINT is your partner in finding and preparing the right person for the right organization. This is how we find our interim managers.

We look for a subtle balance between their personality and the (corporate) culture in the place of work. Before arriving they are briefed and prepared for the job. We also place a lot of value on a strong connection with the real world: pragmatic professionals that can get to work right away to help you achieve your goals. Our motivated and experienced interim professionals help you to become agile again by aiming on the four following pillars:

  • Responsiveness and effectiveness of the organization
  • Fast processes
  • The right knowledge at the right time
  • The right business partner

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