Development institute for the Caribbean and Suriname

INTERPOINT is the development institute for the Caribbean and Suriname. We stimulate the development of the region by solving local issues with the expertise of international businesses. We do this using reputable trainers and consultants from the Netherlands. We offer focused solutions for capacity development on a personal, organizational and national level. In addition we help governments and organizations across a wide range of industries with business and policy issues.

  • Training of employees
  • Arranging experienced international trainers and consultants
  • Solutions for policy issues, strategies and process improvements
  • Temporary extra capacity

What we do

INTERPOINT offers training and courses to individuals (open enrolment) and customized In-House courses to organizations. Our experienced international trainers are specialized in specific sectors. The approach leads to certain and measureable results.

However, INTERPOINT does more than just provide training. We are your advisor and partner in development processes, both wide ranging, but also in depth. We involve as many interested parties as possible while organizing a training program. This means that the returns on investment increase and that the programs are widely supported and well integrated in the rest of the organization.

Besides this, our consultancy supports our customers with specific issues, such as market development, recruitment and interim management. Furthermore, we offer our expertise as a partner for institutions in developing comprehensive programs with social value and economic returns.

INTERPOINT helps organizations, teams and individuals to successfully increase the productivity and develop relationships and improve quality. We do this by:

  • Assessment
  • Identification
  • Inspiration
  • Implementation
  • Integration

Our added value

INTERPOINT has a solid knowledge of the Caribbean island and Suriname, in both cultural and economic aspects. We work quickly, with passion and have a pragmatic approach. Employees of INTERPOINT love their work, which makes them more flexible and motivated to provide your organization with insight in your processes and management. This means your employees can achieve corporate goals much quicker after our help.

Our approach

  • Pinpointing what the issue is quickly
  • Believing in people’s potential
  • Focusing on the practical situation of the participants
  • Personalized
  • Being open when giving feedback: direct, but always respectfully

Our Values

Boosting a person’s growth, development and change requires a lot of self-knowledge. At INTERPOINT we believe that nothing is impossible and that skilled, talented people are the key to a better quality of life for everyone. Culture, attitude, knowledge, responsibility, integrity, the ability to trade – these are a number of factors which play a role in creating capacity and empowerment of people worldwide.

We are passionate about bringing positive change and working with ministries, agencies and charities to achieve this.

Our Conditions

We work transparently with clear and open rules of business — no small print here. Feel free to browse our current terms and conditions:

Terms and conditions (Dutch)


We are dedicated to designing and delivering robust solutions in professional, customer friendly forms. Quality and reliability are paramount to delivering top results to organizations and participants.

Open and honest

We are clear and open in dealing with our employees, partners and customers. We share our thoughts during a co-creation with our customers, we discuss situations which occur within the organization, apply these in training and are clear about our expectations. With our knowledge and experience we are always able to relate to the culture of the company: we think together with our customers.

Focused and results-oriented

Although we want participants to experience our training positively (and we actively encourage this), education, growth and development are very important in all this. All courses and projects are evaluated on aspects such as how effectively we help improve performance and business results.

Our word is our bond

We deliver what we have agreed, when we have agreed. Your phone call will be answered within two hours and your e-mail within one working day. For our courses we make clear agreements surrounding aims and measureable results.


We work for and with organizations that know us, and who we know. We greatly value good relationships and are always looking for new, sustainable partnerships.


Growth and development help us move forwards, towards our goals, driven by ambition. This is inherent in people and organizations: the urge to grow, in quantity, but especially in quality.


We commit ourselves fully to the organizations and the people we work with, who they are and what they find important. We immerse ourselves in their context and identify clear goals. This means that we are able to connect personal and common goals with each other in the form of a development project: we train in the context of an organization.


The dynamics of our profession require us to remain critical at all times, including being critical of ourselves. By being transparent in our behavior and having an openness to feedback from participants and organizations, which helps us to always be on the lookout for ways to improve and connect our courses better to the here and now, paying attention to developments for the future.

Giving Back

For INTERPOINT, “giving back to the community” is a cornerstone of our mission. 1% of our total working hours, company capital and/or products and solutions are consistently dedicated to non-profit organizations on the islands and Suriname.

Commitment to society contributes to the development of a nation. Our ‘Giving Back’-program succeeds thanks to the efforts of very active and dedicated trainers and consultants. By investing time, energy and attention to various charitable projects, they give back to society.

More information

Would you like to know more about our organization? Or do you have any other questions? We are happy to answer them all.

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